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ferro molybdenum powder --femo powder used in Industry and agriculture

Ferro Molybdenum Powder is a fine powdered mixture of highly pure earthly elements such as iron and molybdenum that are added in appropriate amounts. It can be used in various alloying applications to enhance the hardening properties and thermal properties of various materials. This substance also improves the weldability, corrosion resistance and machining capabilities of alloys to which it is added.
ferromolybdenum is mainly used to add molybdenum to steel in steel making. Molybdenum is mixed with other alloy elements to be widely used to make stainless steel, heat resistant steel, acid-resistant steel and tool steel. And it is also used to produce the alloy which has especially physical properties. To add molybdenum to iron casting can improve strength and abrasion resistance. Properties: To add molybdenum to steel makes steel to have uniform fine-grained structure and improve hardenability of steel to eliminate temper brittleness. Molybdenum can substitute a volume of tungsten in high speed steel.

Product Description
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Xin Sheng Di
Minimum Order Quantity:1 ton
Packaging Details:barrel ( iron/ plastic/paper) or according to customers'requests.
Delivery Time:15-20days (multi-specification to be negotiated)
Payment Terms:T/T L/C
Supply Ability:100T/month
Quick Detail
Itemferro molybdenum powder
Particle sizecustomized
Another nameMolybdenum iron powder,femo powder
ColorDark grey
StorageSealed under dry air condition
Applicationwelding,powder metallurgy, Industry
PackingPlastic bags or according to your requests.
Usagesteel-making,mechanical equipment

● Company profile
Wuxi Xin Sheng Di is specialized in producing alloy powder products such as FeCr powder,Cr powder,FeTi powder,Vanadium iron powder, FeMo powder,Ferromanganese powder,Aluminium powder and other powder products.
● FeMo Powder characteristics
the ferro alloy composed of molybdenum and iron is used as the additive of molybdenum element in steel-making. The addition of molybdenum to steel can make the steel have uniform fine grain structure, improve the hardenability of steel, and help to eliminate temper brittleness. The strength and wear resistance of cast iron can be increased by adding it.
● Packaging
Using Fumigation pallets and cloth ton bags,inner poly bags or packing as your requirements.

1. Steel-making industry
2. Mechanical equipment
3. Military equipment
4. Oil pipes and load-bearing parts of refineries
Ferro molybdenum FeMo composition (%)
customized production
Competitive Advantage
We have got the edge over other market players due to the following reasons mentioned below:
1. 100% factory manufacture and factory direct sales
2. Competitive price and quality guaranteed
3. Free samples(the express fee could be full refund in the future orders)
4. Fast delivery(If in stock,5-7 working days)
5. Customization production(OEM&ODM)

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