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stainless steel finishes

There are several stainless steel magnetic finishes available. These processes include bead blasting, milling, mirroring, electropolishing, and more. It is crucial to select the finish that is most suitable for your project since each type of finish has its own own properties and characteristics.

Bead blasting

Stainless steel bead blasting can be used to create a smooth, shiny finish. This is especially useful in applications where there is a need for a consistent and uniform appearance. It can also be used to remove cosmetic flaws, clean tarnished or corroded stainless steel metal, and prepare the surface for the application of a final coating. For best results, bead blasting should be carried out at low pressures. Higher pressures can result in a degraded finish. While it is possible to use high pressure bead blasting, it is not recommended for critical components. The type of material used for bead blasting is one of the most important factors that determine the finish. Glass beads are usually chosen as the medium. These are commonly recycled glass. They are a more environmentally friendly choice than steel shot.

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Etching duplex stainless steel finishes is one of the most common methods used for manufacturing precision metal parts. It is a stress-free and non-contact process that eliminates irregularities in the workpiece. The process involves an acid solution, either hydrochloric or nitric. A copper sulfate solution is also available. These are best suited for mild steels and are often mixed in a ratio of one to one. Another method is to use abrasives. This can be applied as a finish to the metal or it can be used selectively to remove debris. The resulting finish can be either a mirror or a satin effect. The former is more polished and the latter is less polished. To get a tougher colour surface, you can apply paint or stove enamel. For a softer finish, you can etch the metal with a chemical.

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